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Medical Report

The following are portions of a medical report on localized tissue reduction by Dr. Harry R. Bailey, M.B., B.S., M.A., N.Z.P., (Sydney). M.R.C. PSYCH. (London). Dr. Bailey is the Australian Medical Association Representative to the Standards Association of electro-medical apparatus.

“In recent years a number of techniques have been promulgated for the localised, non-surgical reduction of adipose (fatty) tissue. These range from mechanical heating devices, occlusive plastic wraps and garments, to electrical pulse generators which produce repetitive muscular contractions in the affected areas. This apparatus (electrical pulse generator) is an automatically cycling, multiple output, muscle stimulator which produces trains of pulses with variable pulse repetition frequency. The individual pulses are of short duration – 0.5 milliseconds – and of low energy, but an appropriate gain levels the pulse trains produce rhythmic and powerful muscular contractions when they are fed to the muscle by skin contact electrodes place over or near the motor points.

It is claimed that repeated applications of such pulse stimulation produce breakdown of adipose tissue by localised passive exercise of the muscle unit, and so effect a generalized size and weight reduction. The conductive-electrodes are placed over those parts of the body (on or near motor points) where muscular contractions are desired, and the gain levels are adjusted so as to produce maximum muscle contractions without discomfort.

Forty patients (female) were given a course of six weeks treatment. The age range of the patients was from 13 to 62 with a mean age of 34.35 years.

RESULTS: All forty patients lost weight in significant amounts. Weight losses ranged from 5 pounds to 48 pounds. Twenty patients in the series lost less than 17 pounds, but even in this group significant losses were noted in specific tissue regions such as upper arms, abdomen and particularly in the thighs. All patients showed a reduction in body surface area and all showed localized reductions in fat depot areas. There were no side effects of the treatment, and all patients expressed satisfaction with the weight and tissue loss achieved.

CONCLUSION: (This treatment) provides a safe and effective modality for localized adipose tissue reduction and general weight removal. This change is brought about by the application of high frequency pulses to muscle motor points at regular intervals. Statistically significant reductions in localized tissue regions and in general body weight occurred in all 40 patients in this series.”

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